Friday, March 9, 2018

Got Newsletters?

Now before you start freaking out… don’t worry. I’m going to walk you through everything you need to include!

Sending a monthly newsletter to your customers will help you connect with them on a regular basis.

It will allow your customers to get to know you better and will allow you to tell them what is happening in your biz that month.
So here’s what your monthly customer newsletter should include:

· A super cute header image that includes your picture. You want your customers to see your lovely face!
· A quick blurb about what you LOVED about last month.
o   This doesn’t have to be business related – let them get to know YOU
· What you look forward to this upcoming month.
· A video that adds value to your customers
o   A product demo
o   A fun new way to use your products
· Highlight of your monthly customer special
· Highlight of why they should host a party this month
· Your current hostess special/incentive
o   Any special incentive you are personally offering (let them know if it’s an incentive just from YOU!)
· Highlight of why they should join your team this month
o   New enrollment kit
o   Enrollment bonus
o   Fast Start bonus
· Your contact info
o   This might sound like a no-brainer, but you want to make sure that they can get a hold of you when they are ready to take action!

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING??

Your customers are going to love it!

I like Mail Chimp to send out newsletters. It is amazing and allows you to upload your customer contacts and save them to a “Customer List” so that you can email your entire list at once. And you can save a template to reuse each month.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

I Would, But I Don't Have Enough Room

I used to hear that ALL OF THE TIME!!!

I get it! People look at their home and start to think “how am I going to fit 15 people in here for a party when I can’t even have a few friends over comfortably?”

Maybe they just don’t want to clean their house and it sounds better to say they don’t have enough room than it sounds to say “my house is a mess and I don’t want to clean it!”

When I hear from a potential hostess that they don’t have enough room, I first make a joke…

“Girl… it isn’t a party if you’re not sitting on someone’s lap, right?”

They will either laugh with me and say “You’re right!” or they will say “no.. I REALLY don’t have enough room!”

If they say “You’re right” go forward with selecting a date for her party!
If she continues with the objection then it’s time to get creative and start offering another way for her to host a party…

By hosting a RESTAURANT PARTY!!!

Yep, you read that correctly! Move her party from the typical HOME party to a party at a restaurant.

Here’s why this ROCKS!
· The hostess doesn’t have to clean her house
· She doesn’t have to worry about anyone being allergic to her pets
· She doesn’t have to kick her husband and kids out of the house for her party
· She doesn’t have to spend hours making all of the food
· She doesn’t have to worry about not having enough room!

Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, doesn’t it?

This is making me want to host a restaurant party RIGHT NOW!

Hmm… what company do I need some products from!

The only thing a hostess needs to do for a restaurant party (other than get her guests there) is find the perfect location.

The biggest question I hear from hostesses about restaurant parties is “Do I still take care of the food?”

I recommend that the hostess pays for some small appetizers for everyone and her guests are responsible for anything else that they would like to eat.

Now… if the hostess doesn’t want her friends to have to pay for a meal for her party she can find an alternative location for her party…

Like a clubhouse, church, or community room!

I also suggest that you do some of your own research here, to make this easier on your hostess + make you stand out as a stellar consultant!

Take some time to call around to 5-10 local restaurants, churches or other locations where your hostess could have a party and find out the details for her!  

This way you can have locations already in mind for her as well, which will help you even more in overcoming this objection!

You will want to ask if the location has a space for you to use that would accommodate 15-30 people, what the charge would be to use the room (if any) and if food or beverage can be brought in.

If she chooses to host her party in a location where food is not served she can supply the drinks and ask each guest to bring a dish to pass in order to get a ticket to win a prize.

You (the consultant) will supply the prize, it doesn’t have to be big, and her guests don’t need to know what it is before the party!

Would you give away a small product in order to get another party on your calendar?

Who wouldn’t!?!

Now you’ve learned how to overcome THREE of the most common objectives to hosting parties!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ditch the Fishbowl

Do you remember those business cards in a fishbowl that you’d find at local businesses?  Or the drawing boxes for the gym you’d find at places like Subway?

Well, today I’m going to share with you how you can take those fishbowls up a notch, make them really irresistible, and add a boost to your business all at the same time!

First, you need to remember that while this is similar to doing a drawing at a vendor event, it’s also very different because unlike at a vendor event, you don’t get the chance to talk to or make an impression on the person who’s entering the drawing.

You do, however, get to make an impression on the business owner and that can turn into a life-long friendship or business relationship if you do it right.

The first thing you’re going to do is find three really cute gift bags.  They don’t need to be big; the 6x8 size bags are perfect.

On the outside of each bag you are going to tape this saying:

Would you love a night off without the kids to have a fun girls’ night out?

Well your favorite Tupperware Lady Kiondra Watson is here to help. Fill out your information and drop it in the bag. One lucky winner will receive a huge bonus of $100 in FREE goodies! Happy Winnings!

P.S. Be sure to take a card!

Your favorite Tupperware Lady Kiondra Watson

You’re also going to want to attach your business cards, simple drawing forms, and a pen to your bag so that it’s all right there.

Now that you have your three bags ready to go, you need to find three businesses where you can leave the bags.  

Some ideas of businesses you can check with are:

· spa/salon
· gym
· daycare
· bridal shops
· doctor’s office

Now remember, it’s important to build a relationship with the business owners where you are leaving your bags, and this relationship begins with your very first call.

You want to introduce yourself and let them know what you are looking for, and then offer them something AWESOME for letting you leave your bag there for two weeks.

Afterwards, I would also give them a $50 bonus or a FREE item from the catalog for every party that you booked from the location bag.

So how exactly does this work?

Once you have your locations set up, you want to leave your location bag there for 2 weeks.

This gives you plenty of time to get entrees, and I suggest that you go back and check in every week to collect the leads and chat with the owner.  This will also help you build your relationship with the owner.

When you pick up your bag at the end of the two weeks, you want to call first and make sure that the owner will be there so you can give them their free gift for helping you out!

And now for the FUN part!

Since you haven’t built a relationship with everyone that entered the drawing, you will need to CALL them.

Yes, you MUST pick up that heavy phone and make those phone calls because texting isn’t going to work here!

When you call, you want to say:

“May I speak to ___? Hi ____, this is Info Watson with Tupperware. I'm calling because you entered into my drawing at the __________, do you remember that?! (wait for a yes).

Guess what?! You are one of my runner up winners!! Congratulations girl!! That means you get a BONUS $50 in FREE products when you have your own fun ladies night out party in April (month you are booking). What date works better for you, April 17 or 15?"

Once you have the party booked, you want to make sure you use the “Right After Booking Phrasing” that I gave you on Day 3 to secure the booking for attendance, sales, and to help eliminate the chance of her cancelling.

Adding location bags to all the other FABsauce booking techniques I’ve taught over the last few weeks should ensure that you always have a FULL calendar and aren’t begging for bookings on Facebook every month.