Monday, October 22, 2012

Want a 2nd Income?

Are you in need of a 2nd income, but you don't want to work for minimum wage?

I have the best answer for YOU!

Live life on your OWN terms!  And set yourself FREE!

  1. Acquire product knowledge and selling skills when you attend the New Consultant Training Program.
  2. 2 Learn ways to Host an entertaining Party and the simple selling system.  Our proven Party selling system is fun, easy and rewarding.  With Party sales of $450 you can earn a minimum of $100 in Retail Profit equivalent a return of over 25% (A party may take 1½ to 2 hours, making your income $50 per hour).
  3. 3Introduce your new business to 2 friends.  You can earn over-riding commissions on each person that you sign up.
  4. 4 Teach your 2 friends to duplicate what you have done.  When you have a total of 6 Consultants in your down-line, you are promoted to a Star Manager, enjoying a larger commission and earning Dream Driver cash.
  5. 5You can get a 100% return on your initial investment with only 3 recruits, which will qualify you as a manager.
  6. 6 How much in your 2nd income depends entirely on you.  Once you become a Star Manager, you can qualify to enter the Director program to earn leader bonuses, trip and more!

A truly LIFE-CHANGING opportunity awaits you…
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