Monday, July 17, 2017

Do You Have A Plan?

Happy Monday everyone.

I hope that you had a nice and relaxing weekend, but it is time to get back to work.

So you have started in Direct Sales, now what?  Your sponsor or upline is drilling into your head that you need to get out there and start selling and recruiting.  But how?  Are you ready?  Aren't you still learning about the business and the products?  This is the thing.... you can only start selling and recruiting when you are already and comfortable.

A good place to start is to develop a Business Plan.  Why do I need a Business Plan for Direct Sales you may be asking?  Remember, that we are looking to earn money and therefore we are treating this like a business and NOT a hobby?  A Business Plan is a lot easier to do than you think.  I am here to assist you!

First you have to have an Executive Summary Business Overview.  This should be 1-2 paragraphs about your business.  This is not just what you are selling, but what additional services are you offering in addition to what you are selling.

Next, you will need a Mission Statement.  This is YOUR goal for the business.

Then you have to list the Objectives.  This is where you talk about how you are going to apply what you know to deliver on the services and products that you will be offering.  When I say deliver, I do not mean literally how they will be delivered to your customers (but I am sure you knew that).

After you have completed the Objectives section, you can move on to Success Strategies.  This is just as it implies.  Under this section, there are subsections.
1.  Professionalism
2.  Optimum Location
3.  Repeat Customers

Next, you will develop your Company Summary.  This is where you talk about the company that you are with.

Then you will write your Start-Up Strategy.  These are expenses that you will incur such as start up fees, marketing, trade shows and the like.  This section can always be revised as you find that there are things that you forgot about.

Now it is time to talk about your Products and Services.  In this section your will talk about the products that you offer and the services that you will be providing.

After you have that done, you move onto the Market Analysis and Plan section.  This is where you will talk about the different types of customers that you are targeting and what you will offer to them.

I know that this seems like a lot, but we are almost to the finish line!

Then you will prepare your:
Implementation Plan
Marketing Strategy
New Customer Plan 

...and Finally, your Financial Goals!

And Voila!  You have completed your Business Plan!

See, it wasn't that bad, now was it?

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